Analysis on 4th sona of pnoy

Sixth, why do we have the same talking heads in this pork-barrel brouhaha as in the past character-assassination operations undertaken by Mr. PNoy establish a Housing Programs Due to the joint effort of the government and private sectors, a total of 9, of houses have been built for Sendong victims in Mindanao.

Photo credited to ShipSpotting. In this way, every human being upon this earth begins life poor. The ships will need refurbishing and some repair work before the actual transfer to the Philippine Navy, should it proceed with the acquisition. To be frank, I have become sick about self-styled whistle-blowers.

We should make ourselves worthy not just a citizen of this country but most of all as an individual. This is what I have noticed.

That of course indirectly confirmed—dramatically—that the articles were on to something very serious, and that we in the press should be alarmed over such brazen attack on media.

Currently, it was made known to MaxDefense that the PN has almost nill ASW capability and experience to say off, with most of its officers and men previously rated for sonar and ASW already retired from the service for years.

Another important factor is the presence of anti-submarine warfare capability, specifically more on having the detection capability using Sonar. The bottom line of this analysis is that all of our leaders are accountable to us Filipinos.

Month: July 2013

Good human leaders know to follow, know how to fall and follow again, persisting in their hearts to hold on to what is dear to them, never losing hope while giving hope to others, never losing faith while others lose theirs, never losing love while love seemed to have lost them, never losing God because God never has lost them.

Quite simply there was a one-point improvement in corruption perception in the Philippines and a fair upgrade of its ranking.


If the offer proves to be something of a hedge in nature, it would not only be something that is difficult to approve, but will also mean the approval may likely affect other matters negatively with regards to the procurement laws and specified requirements.

But Luy alleged that only five senators were involved in this scam: Click here to jump to the livestream videos. Both of these are evils rooted in the physical characteristic of our exile and are therefore, in their basic forms - transient by nature.

MaxDefense prefers that this offer by South Korea to have no strings attached on other projects, since the offer already benefits the Korean defense industry by having the ship refurbished in Korea, and paid for by the Philippine government.

Defend; neither falling short nor exceeding the will of the defense. Photo taken from US Navy. For all living things have a purpose in God.

Initiative programs for the fishing sectors such as cold storage facility built in Bataraza, Palawan; building several fish ports in strategic places for easier access to fishermen to increase their income. Through project NOAH, automated water level monitoring stations and automated rain gauges in 18 major river basins have been deployed.

To be fair, this is of course the Philippines, where doing jobs properly and returning bags of cash left in taxi cabs to their distraught owners are regarded as pinnacles of Pinoy achievement. These ships are not just good replacements for the World War 2-era assets of the PN, but can also be used as force multipliers to also bridge the PN to future advanced warships.

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They were designed in Portugal and built in Spain and Germany. On Education Reforms he establishes a K to 12 program and he addressed deficiencies in classrooms and text books.Jul 28,  · PNoy’s 4th State of the Nation Address (SONA) makes you go ‘hmmm ’. PNoy should take it easy on harping economic progress of the country.

GMA did the same but was never appreciated by the masa since it takes so long for the poor majority to benefit from GDP growth. And he should have noticed by now that economic growth tends. Official Publication of the Philippine Information Agency Bicol Regional Office, in cooperation with the RIAC-REDIRAS - RDC Bicol.

Wednesday, July 31, executives affirm 4th Pnoy’s SONA. By Joseph John J. Perez LEGAZPI CITY, July 26 (PIA) -- The fourth State of the Nation Adress (SONA) of President Benigno Aquino III is his best so.

year AB-Literature) “ I am expecting in PNoy’s SONA today the truth but nothing but the truth” Kimberly Libores (USEP- 4th year AB-Literature) “ Ang masasabi ko lang sa SONA ni PNoy ay si. President Benigno Aquino III delivered his State of the Nation address for the fourth time in his presidency.

His SONA was significant in the first place as his administration is passing the midway of its term that is scheduled to end on 30 June and also, it was the opening of the new 16th Congress.

Because of the misleading, even false data and analysis the BSP provided it, the IMF in its April staff report concluded that one of the risks the economy faced was a default by “a major conglomerate” which it did not identify, but which obviously referred to SMC. “Know our local celebrities’ views on the 4th SONA.



Analysis on 4th sona of pnoy
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